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Industrial Equipment



Industrial projects require new and specialized equipment not usually available in the local market. With years of experience in procurement, importing and delivering specialized equipment, accessories, spare parts and even hazardous materials, we have no problem importing what you need in a cost-effective manner.


Whether you need equipment delivered to urban zones, the coast, valleys or even rainforests, we take care of the entire shipping process and deliver it right to wherever you need it.


What do you need?

What do you need?



  • Extra heavy and over-dimensioned equipment


  • Chemicals, solvents and paints


  • Tubes, valves and pipes


  • Specialized vehicles, machinery and spare parts


  • Control panel and electric system spare parts



  • Anything else?



Everything is selected according to your specifications.

“If you want to export goods or import goods into Ecuador, Overnight Solutions is for you. Their vast experience in the Ecuadorian market is demonstrated through their efficiency. They take charge of everything once they know what you are looking for and when you need it.”


Administrator, Petroleum Services Company


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We are more cost effective than local sellers who incur in high inventory costs and are much faster than even your own procurement teams, who are often forced to fill large containers before shipping. And trust us, we are much nicer to deal with than the big carriers who make you do a large part of the work yourself.


With an an industrial montage operation or a high profile project running, you cannot afford down time. We are your reliable procurement, logistics and delivery experts.


Just give us a call!



and very heavy


Wherever and whenever you need it.


& Compliant.

Whatever you need, we will find it, acquire it, bring it, legalize and deliver it.

Wherever and whenever you need it.

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